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free in noncommercial environments.


Shoot is a program that makes it possible to control computer games with spoken commands.


  • sound card
  • .NET Framework 1.1
  • DirectX 8.1 or higher
  • microphone (preferably with noise reduction)
  • clear pronunciation

how it works

Shoot onsists of two separate programs; the main programdelivers all necessary functionality in order to allow issuing keypresses by spoken commands. The second program is an editor for game profiles in which comments consisting of words that are connected with the keypresses needed for a certain game. As In VAC, Shoot is based on the speech recognition contained in Windows Vista and Windows 7. In older Windows versions it is based on the speech API. The speech API is not integrated into the Windows XP download-package of Shoot and can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

For optimal voice-recognition results it is advisable to run the 10 minute training sessions of Windows voice-recognition or speech API. The speech training which consists of some easy text you have to read to the computer can be accessed using the system panel. It is necessary to know that speech recognition of Windows Vista and Windows 7 always uses the language of the system itself. So if you buy a German Windows 7, its voice-recognition only provides German language. Speech API of Windows XP only offers English language. The addition of different languages is possible for windows Vista/7 in the ultimate/enterprise edition (more info). the situation with Windows XP is slightly different. There exist language packs in English, Spanish, French and German (more info).

Shoot commands can consist of single words, two or more words or even complete sentences. To each command the user can assign freely to define keystrokes or chains of keystrokes. The shoot profile editor application allows complex commands such as pushing and holding a key while another key is pushed for a short period of time. Even function keys like ctrl, tab, del, etc. and mouse buttons can be accessed and combined with any other key/button.

It is possible to define how long a key should be pushed down (in milliseconds) or if it has to be held down until the command is given again.

important issues

  • some users are reporting that it is not resolute to use 'Scroll-Lock' in a command for it made shoot respond slower. ist es einem Benutzer passiert, dass die Spracherkennung deutlich schlechter wurde. Das Problem verschwand, nachdem die Taste nicht mehr im Profil benutzt wurde.
  • should the user want to use keys of non-American keyboards, the first line of the created XML-file must look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

  • Arabic numerals (6, 0, 7, 28, etc. should be written down as words (six, zero, seven, twentyeight, etc.).
  • avoid commands that sound too similar (e.g. gun, run)
  • phrases like 'x' (spoken like eggs), 'b' (like bee) can mixup with 'six' respectively 'c' so instead of 'a', 'b', 'c' better use 'alpha', 'bravo', 'charlie', etc. 'nine' should be 'niner' (more info).
  • sometimes (especially in German) it's better to split word combinations into single words
  • it is possible that shoot slows down significantly. should it happen, switch shoot inactive, reload the profile and activate Shoot again.

Shoot under Windows Vista and 7

It is possible but it takes some preparations. a frequent problem is an error with RegSvcs.exe. This has to do with the fact that Windows Vista and Windows 7 come with .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 or higher. in order to run shoot version 1.1 is needed as well. As a side note I want to mention that it is necessary to install each framework version one by one. There exists a website that describes how Version 1.1 can be integrated into Windows Vista und Windows 7 [1].

Other occasional errors could be related to a bug in .NET Framework 2.0 that leads to a crash of .NET Framework 1.1. the creators of shoot have created a repaired version of shoot that can be found here (registration required).

Shoot can cause trouble in connection with UAC (User Access Control). In these cases just start shoot with administrator rights or shut down UAC.

Sometimes shoot seems to be unable to find the necessary voice-recognition components. No solution to that problem has been found as of yet. On some computers shoot just doesn't work at all.

What shoot is not meant for

  • it cannot be used to dictate text
  • it cannot control the mouse pointer by itself.

Website Shoot and its profile editor can only be downloaded after a short registration to the forum to which it is related. You won't receive unnecessary e-mail.

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