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GlovePIE is a script language that enables you to exchange any keypress with another one. It contains functions that can work with a number of input devices such as Wii-Remote, Wii Fit Balance Boards, Playstation 3 Gamepads, 3D- controllers and many more.

Why can it help me?

With GlovePIE it is easyto change key configuration when certain computer games do not support the possibility to change the control scheme as the user pleases.

What does it do?

With GlovePIE you can exchange the left with the right mouse button, exchange the return key with a mouse click. GlovePIE is similar to a programming language so it allows a lot of combinations scripts and macros such as changing movement speed of the mouse arrow as long as you hold a certain key, positioning the mouse arrow in a certain area as soon as a key is pressed, definition of voice commands (GlovePIE can access Windows speech recognition capabilities) and much more.


Because a certain shooter's controls cannot be changed in a way that makes the player figure run forward by pressing the right mouse button we want the computer to hold down the w-key each time we push or hold the right mouse button. let's create a script for that purpose:


just enter the little script above into the GlovePIE window. It tells the computer that clicking or holding the right mouse button is nothing else than pushing or holding the w-key. All I have to do now is to click the run-button of GlovePIE and you are set. Of course you can save the script, as well.


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