Clicking a mouse can be a huge problem not only for disabled computer users, users of a head-mouse or eye-mouse, but also for people with RSI. Click tools will do that with a neat little trick. Usually such tools comprise of a small window, preferrably always-on-top, that let the user select the type of a click such as left, middle or right click and of course some drag and drop solution. The trick is that these tools are reacting to the lack of movement of the mouse arrow. So each time the mouse comes to a halt the selected type of click will be performed.

There are many solutions on the internet not limited to the following list:

ClickAid is free.
Dragger costs 95 US$.
Dwell Clicker 1 is old and free.
Dwell Clicker 2 costs 10 GB£.
Mouseketeer is free.
Nib Click-Less costs 54 GB£.
Point-N-Click is free.

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